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Immersion is an arena for new and established artists performing live experimental electronic music; using laptops, synthesizers, field recordings, circuit-bent electronics and prepared/processed/custom-made instruments. All sounds are partnered by stimulating projected visuals processed live and tailored for each performance.

Event schedule:

Start: Finish: Sound:  
19:30 19:55 ABKomm   1
20:00 20:25 z-arc   2
20:30 20:55 utility player   3
21:00 21:25 MoQ   4
21:30 21:55    


22:00 22:25 WAVEBOX   5
22:30 23:00 Jamka   6

Visual credits: Neon / Pikilipita / Transphormetic / yesyesnono

Timings are approximate. Artist line-up and programme timings are subject to change. 
Please note there will be a 25 minute intermission from 21:30.

Please refer to the website: for individual artist details and event information.


This is the final Immersion. Thank you for attending the events over the past 2.5 years!
Special thanks to everyone who has participated and our friends at the Flea-Pit.
A NEW PROJECT will be launched in the coming weeks - so please check for details!